RECORE Provides Backup Power Supply for Chesapeake Controls

Windsor, VA (September 29, 2022) – Chesapeake Controls Inc., one of the mid-Atlantic region’s leading providers of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems has partnered with Community Electric Cooperative’s subsidiary, RECORE, on a power generator project that will help ensure that Chesapeake’s customers have the capability to maximize their buildings’ energy efficiency.

RECORE recently completed the installation of a standby generator in the Chesapeake facility where Chesapeake Controls monitors the HVAC operations of the hundreds of school systems, industrial companies, and smaller businesses that comprise Chesapeake’s customers. The HVAC systems increase the energy efficiency and savings for the buildings where they are installed. The standby generator provided and installed by CEC’s RECORE energy solutions subsidiary will help ensure that an interruption of electricity flowing from the electric grid to Chesapeake’s main communications facility will not disrupt its ability to monitor and adjust thermostats for the HVAC systems in its customers’ buildings

“It is highly satisfying to know that Community Electric’s RECORE team has provided a reliable backup power system to support the core function of Chesapeake Controls’ business,” said Glen Presson, CEC’s Manager of Operations. “We’re privileged to work with them knowing that the HVAC systems they provide are enhancing energy efficiency on a large-scale basis.”

“The challenge we were faced with is that all of our communications, including our I/P based phones and email server, are reliant upon internet connectivity,” Chesapeake President Rick Evans said. “With every loss of power we obviously also would lose connectivity, effectively shutting down all of our communication capabilities. With our new backup generator, we now have the peace of mind knowing we can continue to monitor our customers’ building automation systems, and our internal and external communication capabilities will always be reliable.”

Established in 1985, Chesapeake Controls is the largest independent provider of Honeywell Building Automation Systems in Virginia. It has offices in Chesapeake, northern Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

RECORE is the for-profit subsidiary of Community Electric Cooperative. It has been supplying on-site energy solutions for municipalities, distribution utilities, commercial and industrial entities and government agencies since 2001. For more information on RECORE backup power generators, see