Why Buy Standby Power

Few scenarios for a family are met with as much universal frustration as waiting out a power outage in the dark. A power outage interrupts your daily routine and forces life to be put on pause until the power returns. Standby generator systems prevent that and are designed to keep lights and home appliances powered in the event of a power outage – automatically. Best of all, they provide peace of mind that your family won’t have to endure another headache-inducing power outage in the dark.

Standby Power Generators
Confidence & Comfort During A Power Outage

There’s a lot to like about owning a standby generator system. It provides security and confidence that home life will continue uninterrupted, no matter the weather conditions outside. Stay indoors, watch your favorite show and keep on snacking while your standby generator keeps your home running.

Prevent Storm Damage & Power Outage Costs

Standby generators prevent unexpected repair or losses that occur when a home sits without power. National averages for such power outage costs include:

  • $150 per night for a hotel stay.
  • $200 in spoiled food losses.
  • A home with an unpowered sump pump can incur $20,000 in basement water damages.

Learn about all of the unexpected costs associated with a power outage.

Lower Homeowners Insurance Rate

Home standby generators keep a home humming. Insurers know that when your home’s lights and security system are on, it’s less likely that you’ll be making a home theft claim. That’s why many insurance agencies view standby generators as a theft prevention investment, which can reduce your homeowners insurance rate.

Increase Your Home Value

Property values increase for homes with a standby generator system. A recent study by Remodeling Magazine showed standby generators increase home resale values by 52.7% of the cost of the generator system.
With systems and home generator installation costing around $5,000 total, it’s easy to see how quickly standby generators can become a valued investment – especially after financing options are considered.

How Does A Standby Generator Work?

A home standby generator system consists of two products: A standby generator unit and an automatic transfer switch.
The two work in concert with your home to ensure when power is lost, it’s only for a matter of seconds before backup power kicks in. A standby generator system and automatic transfer switch are professionally installed to your home’s existing wiring. Constantly at the ready, the system senses when utility power stops flowing to your home for any reason, thus sensing a power outage. Within seconds, the automatic transfer switch seamlessly transfers your home’s selected electrical circuits and appliances to backup power. Once the generator system senses utility power is back online, your home is automatically transferred back to utility power and the standby generator is shut down until it’s needed the next time.